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Hello everyOne, we are One+One

Because we love outdoors, because we have been traveling the world and have seen trash in the most remote places, we set out to build tools to help everyOne clean-up the planet.

One+One is a mobile and web platform that empowers citizens, corporations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, cities and federal agencies to clean-up the planet, think crowd cleaning and real time metrics for trash removal supported by businesses and organizations.

Pick up a trash every day for a month, recycle it or discard it, track it with the One+One app and see your immediate impact on the environment! If a trash is too big for you i.e. tires, junk car, ask for help with the One+One app.

One+One combines real time data and connection to social networks to engage and provide full transparency on environmental actions to its users. By using the data collected, One+One creates live metrics allowing you to see your impact against other users on the cleanerboard.

Spread the Blue! Join us to clean-up the planet one trash at a time.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.